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Fields of CleanSnap

Map-   The First Page you see when opening CleanSnap. Displays red  job pins that are projects in progress and the project manager will accept a final clean price.   Click on the Red Pin to see Description, When and Approval statements.  The blue pin is your current location.  Press “Search Location” Button to drill into your search distance jobs.

Job data-  Middle Tab contain s most valuable information.  The  Cell and Email Address of the Decision Makers,  Job name and Address, General Contractor Company Name, Estimated Amount.  You can click on blue colored text.

Settings-  Change job search miles from 10-500.  At a distance of 500 miles, you will have more opportunities, the map will also load slower when pressing search location because the amount of data loading.  Notifications explained here.


Job Name

This name is familiar to the job team.  Sometimes you may see “project in delaware” this is the name that the pm used, if we get a better name to identify the job type, we would update the name.  If the PM did not name the job, the job is named from the Company Website Plan Room, an Invitation to Bid received 3 years ago when the job bid for other trades, or maybe we scrolled the companies Facebook Page and coped the Job Name from Facebook.  You should copy our Job Name when you are emailing the project manager and superintendent.

You can click on the blue job name and your device default mapping application will open with driving directions from you to job site address


Expressed from the job team, date can change as job progresses.  When will the building turn over to owner, When is clean start date, When should the site visit happen. Tip.  If completion date is May 15 and today is June 1, it’s likely the job has been delayed and still in progress.   We use this date to determine if the job is qualified to be on CleanSnap.  The project manger must want to hire a cleaning company within 6 months from now.   This statement should have a date or talk about current phase of our project.


Confirmation that a final clean price is requested.  Project manager requesting a final clean price while project is in progress, request to visit super on site is made,  We take this statement from an email from the General Contractor.   Approval should give you confidence that a final clean proposal will be accepted.  Project manager sharing his superintendent contact, project manager sharing the drawings and the job is past pre award phase.


Given to us by the job team or we research the web for address.  A job can have no street number, or even no city.  We can be asked to price Delco Building in Houston, and we are not given the street name, the job may be on CleanSnap for days before the street number is updated.  The job team will know the street number when you call.   Use the Address and drive to the site.


The general contractor who is hiring subcontractors for the new or renovation building project.  We have processed due diligence on all contractors to confirm low risk.  

Majority type: commercial vertical design build contractor.  The companies that are on CleanSnap come from

Project manager

PM is assigned to the project once the General Contractor is awarded from the owner.  Manages the budget to complete their contract with owner.   Selects subcontractors for all scopes within the project.  Commonly on a laptop working in email sending drawings to subs, accepting proposals, declining change orders and approving invoices for AP to create waivers. PM is not on the job site, rather in the regional or HQ office managing multipe projects.   PM sometimes works fro the trailer or in the contractors room, the PM will for sure visit the job site.

PM has invited us to submit a final clean proposal.  Has told us “contact my superintendent to schedule a site visit and email your proposal back to me.”

Super on site

Works on the job site managing all subcontractors.  He is usually stressed because of time constraints. Best reachable via phone, he has an email and will respond to emails.  His voicemail is full from all other subs calling, you should call back the next day.  Has most knowledge of job completion and cleaning schedules.  Scheduler for scope site visit and clean start day and time.


Mobile is priority number for all contacts.  If we do not have a cell for pm, we use the direct phone number(desk phone), and if no direct number is available for pm, the main office number is used.  A front desk assistant or operator may answer this line.  For site contact, if we do not have his cell, we will leave the phone blank  The site contact is not in the office and his cell is the best method of communication.  We get the phone number from within an email.

Estimate amount

Square foot x .25 cent  or if the square foot is not known and the number of units or rooms is available, we use $125 per room/ unit.

This number is not approved, the PM possibly has seen the amount in emails from us to her, if the amount had a negative reply, the amount would be lowered.   This is an educated guess without viewing the site.

It is common to not know the cleanable square footage on a unit-hotel-apartment project type, and only know the number of units or beds.

But if you want to get down into the pricing wars, here is some real life details below.  Just data from over 600 awarded final clean projects

A full cleaning work day on a construction site includes 4 laborers at 8 Hrs. per day. One day of work can be billed between $750 and $1,200 depending on scope.  Pricing actually varies per project type; scope and mobilization requirements do differ

I will breakout a few common project types below and list a price per square foot you should quote at

Worship. $       0.29
Police-Fire Station $       0.21
Industrial $       0.31
Restaurant $       0.61
Medical-Dental $       0.32
Unit-Residential-Hotel $       0.27
Car dealership $       0.17

Unit- Hotel- Residential project type
Rough clean: .14 cents per sq ft
Final clean: .19 cents per sq ft
Fluff: .06 cents per sq ft

Strip and Wax
1 coat: .06 cents per sq ft
2 coat: .13 cents per sq ft
3 coat: .20 cents per sq ft

Pressure Wash: .14-.18 cents per sq ft

This data has not changed in 4 years.  Areas with high number of illegal workers, the prices are lower.  Bid low to win and profit less.  These prices are set to profit 40% of your contract value.  $10,000 contract, you will earn $4,000 in profit

or you can use this Pricing Formula Sheet 


Valid direct email address for contact, 90% of emails will have a company domain. ex. .  Super on site is will have  gmail, or email address most commonly.  


Learn the fundamental objects of CleanSnap

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