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Green and Yellow job map pins post construction cleanup

To give more opportunities, we have added a new type of construction phase to CleanSnap. Making it easier to find more attractive job opportunities. We know location is important and you would rather make site visits with a low travel risk. Adjust your search distance inside the application at settings.

Projects in progress with the decision maker identified
Yellow pins jobs in which we know who the project manager is, but we are not sure if a post construction cleaning price is required.

Just like a stop light, yellow means caution but proceed.

· Send quote if an amount is estimated (.25 cents per square foot)
· Email the project manager to show your interest in visiting the site for price confirmation.

The green map pins mean GO. Do not stop or slow down, someone else may pass you. (Not in CleanSnap, just one of your local competitors.)

Yellow pin jobs- primary contact identified, job is in progress
o Less estimated amount
o No superintendent
o No project manager final clean request
o Do not know when final clean will be purchased

Green pins are the original CleanSnap jobs, jobs in which we have been told from the project manager or superintendent that a post construction cleaning proposal is needed. And the cleaning will be purchased within the next 6 months.

Green pin jobs- primary contact identified, job is in progress, request to submit final clean price

o Will purchase between now and next 6 months
o Likely have a superintendent contact, pm wants you to visit site with super

The job data page remains the same
White and grey rows. You should not treat any of the 2 different types of jobs differently.
· If there is an amount quote with our 25 cents number or lower your price
· tell the project manager who you are and show interest in her job